Learn Spanish in Spain with accommodation provided, Spanish courses in Spain and Latin America with accommodation

Spanish Courses with Accommodation for students in Spain while learning Spanish

Here you have a global description of Accommodation for students in Spain, types with Alhambra Instituto:

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1) Spanish Family- Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture by letting us arrange your accommodation with a host family. Almost 80% of students choose to live with a Spanish host family during the first weeks of their programme. This option is very popular for students staying in Spain for a longer time.

Staying with a host family is an important and rewarding part of the student’s learning process. The students receive their own house key and are only required to bring their own towels. Students can choose half-board or full-board, and accommodation in a single or a double room. If there is more than one student with a family we will look for an international roommate in order to encourage the use of Spanish 24 hours a day. READ MORE…

2) Shared Apartments- We also offer you the option of living in shared furnished apartments, in an individual or a double room. Students can reserve an apartment or search by themselves for another type of accommodation. By living in a shared apartment you share your life with 4 or 5 people from the school. You share: a living room where you can meet or watch television, a kitchen where you can prepare your meals and one or more bathrooms. This is also very popular for students staying in Spain. You will live together with people of different nationalities and that you will practice speaking Spanish. READ MORE…

3) Studio-Private Apartment- If you prefer complete independence and want to live by yourself or with a friend we recommend the individual apartments as the best option. Similar to hotels with more spacious rooms. We recommend apartment accommodation to people over 35 years of age during your Spanish course abroad. READ MORE…

4) Pension, Youth hostel, Residence or Hotels- There are plenty of hostals, hotels and pensions with reasonable prices, some of them only 15-20 min.walking distance from the school. We can help you to find a hotel or a pension according to your requirements and inform you about the prices and the conditions of staying or send you a list with their addresses and phonenumbers. Please contact us for more inforamtion.

Dont forget to choose the type of accommodation that suits you the best!

Standard Apartments (prices in euro)

Duration in weeksOnly 1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeksExtra weekExtra night
Single room130 €250 €370 €490 €110 €22 €
Double room95 €185 €275 €365 €90 €22 €
Double rooms are reserved for students who come together or accompanied by a relative or a friend. High season supplements (from July 01th to August 31th) Double room: 20€ per week – Single room: 30€ per week Extra days (up to a maximum of two days): 22 € per day/person Included : bedding. Just bring your own towels.

Living with a Spanish Family (prices in euro)

Duration in weeks1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeksExtra night
Single room190 €350 €530 €710 €40 €
Double room (p/p)150 €290 €440 €590 €30 €
Double rooms are reserved for students who come together or accompanied by a relative or a friend. Full board supplement: 35 € per week/person Extra days (up to a maximum of two days): 30 € in DR and 40 € in SR per day/person Included : bedding & a weekly laundry service. Just bring your own towels.

Private Studio Apartment (prices in euro)

Duration in weeks1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks6 weeksExtra night (if availab.)
For 1 person325 €570 €785 €975 €1475 €50 €
For two (total)390 €660 €875 €1050 €1550 €70 €
Studio Apartment (prices in euro) High season supplements (from July 01th to August 31th) 60€/week per person Extra days (upon availability): SR 50 € per day/person – DR 35 € per day/person Included : bedding. Just bring your own towels.

General Terms

The accommodation is available from 12:00 noon on the Sunday prior to the first day of the course (Monday) until 12:00 noon on the Saturday following the last day of class (Friday). Those students who, for any reason (i.e. flight arrival), need their accommodation to be available before or after the above mentioned dates will be charged for any extra days needed (max. 2 days). NOTE: The students should contact our central office in order to be informed about the place and the time to pick up the keys of their rooms. The students must respect all rules and regulations set by families, residences and shared flat administrations. If there is damage to the premises, the student must pay the corresponding amount.


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